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Hey, wordpress, hey!

So. This is a thing. Hello. TRAVEL BLOG (and some other stuff) IS A GO.  Let’s do this introduction thing then, shall we? I’m Cathrine. Below is my face. I’m Northern Norwegian born and raised, but I study Media, Culture and Communication at Newcastle University In England. I consider myself an expat as well as a student abroad. And I consider myself a traveller at heart. If I have money to spare save and I save and I save. Then I book and I book and I book. Tickets, flights, hostels, hotels and activities. You won’t see me with a bag that costs a grand, but don’t be surprised if you run into me in some European city.

This blog is going to be documenting my travels. I will recount trips I have had, introduce you to my Norwegian culture and home region, talk about my life as an expat, studying abroad, long distance relationships and give tips about the all of the aforementioned. This travel blog will be personal more than anything, but I will also give some of my own tips and tricks on travel and packing while planning and preparing trips of my own. Other things you might want to know? Nah, you’ll find out eventually 😉


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