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And so the local adventure begins…

Kjære is  here! And the exploring has begun!

We spent the day recuperating after a long couple of days for the both of us, then headed out in the afternoon to explore my little hometown. I live in a quiet little town called Sortland on Norways biggest island, Hinnøya, close to the sea. Sortland wants to become the Blue City by the Sea and because of this we have an above average number of blue buildings.(A lot of which can be seen on an Instagram account I created a couple of years ago, feel free to check it out for more photos from the town as I won’t be including many photos here.)

Street Art  and poems in Norwegian adorn the blue walls and the smell of the ocean lingers in every corner of the city. Town? City? I guess technically we are a city, but the city centre only has 3000 people in it, and the entire municipality has a  whopping 10 000 people in it on good days, less than 10 000 on bad days. Kjære thought the city was even smaller than he imagined, but the weather was brilliant and I’d deem it  successful day, silly photos included 😛

The photos in the gallery are by SwedCar9592 (Blog & Twitter), as I’m mostly filming bits and clips for our home video (yes, people still do that) and the Youtube travel vlog I will be making out of all of our adventures these next few weeks. Updates of our Northern Norway adventures will follow! Ps: We had to assemble the tent we are going to be using when we go camping to air it out and you can see a photo of that in the gallery above.  Thats a wilderness tent. In our garden. We may or may not be thinking about sleeping in there tonight like the absolute children we are haha xxx


3 thoughts on “And so the local adventure begins…”

  1. Sortland must be magic, it’s on my list. I listened to a performance by Saabye Christensen in Fredrikstad Litteraturhus, I think he is from Sortland or heavily connected with The Blue City by the Sea.
    Enjoy ❤

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    1. Sortland is lovely, and the region it’s in, Vesterålen, is beautiful. Yes he is, he’s got a lot of family here and was born here but moved to Oslo when he was young (if I remember correctly) ! There’s even an honorary library dedicated to him with every edition of his books and a statue and stuff in the Sortland Hotell. If you catch Sortland during the summer on a good day there’s usually lovely weather and midnight sun which is a plus haha xx

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