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The Old Fisherman’s Village of Nyksund

The good weather has abandoned us completely and some our our more outdoorsy activities have been postponed, but we still managed to squeeze in a visit to the old fisherman’s village of Nyksund yesterday. Nyksund was a ghost village for years, and still feels a little eerie. Abandoned buildings in between buildings currently being reconstructed, old fishing boats, rubble from quays destroyed by winter storms and new artistic houses with angles that defies gravity. Nyksund used to be thriving fishing community, but today it is home to many artists and there are several galleries there, as well as music festivals every year. It feels like a hipsters paradise in a way and it feels like walking back into history. Driving into the tiny little village is like driving back in time. It’s beautiful. 🙂

I’m usually more wordy than this, but today I thought the pictures said more than I ever could (despite being taken with an iPhone and not my DSLR that was accidentally left  in England for the summer.) Isn’t it beautiful, even on a gray day?

We’re off camping for a few days so I’ll talk to you soon! Xxx




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