From Northern Norway to Newcastle via Oslo and Stockholm


The summer is over and I’m now in the midst of packing to go back to Newcastle for my second to last semester at Newcastle University. As you can see by the map however, it won’t be going straight to my favorite city. This because before I head back England I’m going to have a brief four day stop at my Aunts and Uncles house in Oslo to see my cousins for the first time in a year, then go to Stockholm and see my Kjære again for another 10 days. I doubt I will exploring Oslo much as I’ve been there every year since I was about 7 (and some years more than once) , but I will definitely be enjoying Stockholm and sharing my Swedish adventures with you!

It will be odd seeing Kjæres new flat and his new home for the year, but I’m excited to get to take part in his abroad experience a little, no matter how much I wish he was actually living with me instead 😛 

I can’t wait to return to England and tea and university life after a long summer of working my butt off. Come Monday I will be adventuring out into the world again and away from my hometown bubble once more and I swear it will be glorious! Xxx


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