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Oh, time how you pass too quick.

Hey, ya´ll. It’s been six months. I wrote a bachelors dissertation. Explanation done. No, but really. I have missed blogging and writing down the details of my journeys both big and small so much. There just hasn’t been enough time or energy or mental health left in me to do so. So let’s update you all on my life now, and then start the actual blogging again next week with a post about Dublin in February.

I finished university! I am graduating! I gave myself anxiety and a panic attack in the process but I got there! The past six months were draining. That is all I will say about the subject for now. Draining but in hindsight a valuable experience and definitely something to learn from. University has for me been a wonderful and adventurous time, but I am looking forward to the new chapter and new challenges.

Long Distance Relationship
So I have written a couple of posts in the past about my LDR and how to deal with the sadness of it. I am still in an LDR and still dealing with the sadness of it, but also the joy of it and the happy moments in between. Once our current four weeks of summer time together comes to a close I will share some of my other thoughts on the subject, because dayum, it is hard.

I did a fair bit of traveling in the past six months, hitting up Dublin, Copenhagen, Rio De Janeiro, Eurovision and Stockholm, York, Scarborough and some home time in between lectures and seminars. Posts about all of these to come in time. 🙂

What’s to Come

I am currently sat in my flat in Newcastle upon Tyne, counting down the days until graduation and moving. I am not moving anywhere exciting, I am moving home. Home to family and friends, home to a job offer, home to help and grow and reconnect with everything I was so eager to run away from when I moved abroad. For a few months anyway 😉 In 2017 I am off again to new places and new adventures, hopefully feeling a lot more settled and a lot less confused about what I want to do with my life.
I don’t know what the future will bring, but the next six months are sort of sorted in terms of what I am doing. I will be graduating, I will be moving home to Northern Norway and I will continue the journey that is being 22 years old and down with a serious case of wanderlust.

Love, Cat xxx


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Hey, wordpress, hey!

So. This is a thing. Hello. TRAVEL BLOG (and some other stuff) IS A GO.  Let’s do this introduction thing then, shall we? I’m Cathrine. Below is my face. I’m Northern Norwegian born and raised, but I study Media, Culture and Communication at Newcastle University In England. I consider myself an expat as well as a student abroad. And I consider myself a traveller at heart. If I have money to spare save and I save and I save. Then I book and I book and I book. Tickets, flights, hostels, hotels and activities. You won’t see me with a bag that costs a grand, but don’t be surprised if you run into me in some European city.

This blog is going to be documenting my travels. I will recount trips I have had, introduce you to my Norwegian culture and home region, talk about my life as an expat, studying abroad, long distance relationships and give tips about the all of the aforementioned. This travel blog will be personal more than anything, but I will also give some of my own tips and tricks on travel and packing while planning and preparing trips of my own. Other things you might want to know? Nah, you’ll find out eventually 😉