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Very Merry Stockholm Christmas Markets

Oh, what a wonderful weekend I have had! Stockholm has been a little rainy and grey, but when it cleared up we headed out to explore the festiveness of the city. Stockholm is beautiful during the holiday season, decorated and lit up and full of Swedish traditions that should be experienced!

Hope you are having a good week! Xxx

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10 Things To See & Do In Stockholm

Thought I would make a quick list over must-sees in Stockholm, all of which I have personally experienced. Some of these I did during the my recent trip and some of them I did during my New Year’s trip last year. Stockholm is very different in summer than in winter and personally I may have preferred it in winter time due to the amazing weather we were treated to, but either way it’s a beautiful city. More on the winter trip later! Off we go with the listicle!

1: Vasa Museum
The Vasa Ship museum was just named the 9th best museum in the world and showcases a ship that sunk just after it set off from the Stockholm harbour way way back when. THe museum has a fascinating display of facial reconstructions and histories of the people who were on board the ship, loads of artifacts and a very informative naval war section. What a treat for the curious mind!

2: Djurgården
Parks, nature and picnic places oh my! If the weather is good I highly recommend heading out past the museum area (you will understand what I mean about this if you look up the biggest museums in town on  a map) and visit the green (or white depending on the season) part of Djurgården. There are lovely walking paths great for a stroll that also gives you a nice view over Stockholm harbour and amazing thinking spots 🙂

3: ABBA Museum
Mamma Mia, here I go again! What a fun afternoon this was! Slightly over priced, but well worth a visit if you’re an ABBA fan, and frankly, how can you visit Stockholm and not be at least a little curious about this world-wide sensation? Colourful displays and beautiful interactive dancefloors/quizzes/music players makes the ABBA museum  a must-do!

4:Kungliga Operan
After seeing one opera and one ballet in what is possibly one of the most beautiful rooms I have ever been in I can honestly say I’ve seen the light. Literally: Kungliga Operan has one of the biggest chandeliers I’ve ever. The tickets come at reasonable prices in all price classes and there are a number of different shows playing at any time throughout the year so no matter the time you visit and no matter your budget   you can experience a show like no other.

Looking for a great view? Take the Tunnelbana to Slussen, then walk up the hill behind the station. After a number of steps up you will get one of the best views in town – and it’s free!


Speaking of great views, Monteliusvägen is a 500 -ish meter long walking path across the lake from the City Hall, Lake Mälaren and Riddarholmen and offers spectacular opportunities for evening and sunset photography. Also completely free, but completely fabulous.

7: Boat Sightseeing In The Archipelago
Technically I only went for a short ferry ride between some of the most central islands while I was in Stockholm, but can I recommend seeing The Venice of The North by boat. Stockholm is made up by islands and if you venture outside the main islands you can experience beautiful scandinavian nature. Particularly good during the summer season.

8: Gamla Stan
Oh what can I say about Gamla Stan other than GO SEE THIS. Yes, it’s full of tourists and yes, the cafés are over priced, but why are you even in Stockholm if you’re not going to see Old Town? With stunning architecture and more colours on the buildings than you can count, this cute area is made for photo ops and evening strolls. The narrow streets of Gamla Stan are lit up by fairy lights at night, what could be more romantic?


Now this is on the list because 1 – the largest IKEA in Sweden is in Stockholm and well worth a visit – and 2 – the refillable drinks are only 10 kronor  and the meatballs are dead cheap and a tasty as hell. Lunch idea? I think yes.

10: Drottningholm Palace
Drottningholm Palace is on the UNESCO World Heritage list and well worth a visit. A picnic in between the  endless gardens and lively fountains is one idea. A jog around the palace grounds is another. A tour of the building a third and what about watching those fetching young guards during the changing of the guards? Yes, yes, yes and yes 😉

Any other things you think should be on this list aka that I should do while I’m there? Xxx

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VIDEO: Stockholm Snapshots

It’s been a lovely week and I don’t want to leave the Venice of the North, but as you read this I’m already on my way back to British soil. There will be more posts about Stockholm coming up, but these past few days I have chosen to focus on spending time with Kjære and taking in the city, not really wanting to hunker down in front of the Mac for any period of time. You’ll find that most often than not, when I travel I don’t blog, but afterwards I blog more than I probably should 😛 While I’ve been here I have filmed some bits and clips when I remembered to and last night I did a quick little edit on this short snapshot video from my trip and here it is! What an absolutely gorgeous city Stockholm is! Well worth a visit! Xxx

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Hej hej, Stockholm!

It’s an overcast, but warm Monday here in Stockholm and while Kjære is preparing for his lecture I though I would post a quick post about a most amazing weekend 🙂

I arrived at Stockholm Arlanda Airport on Friday afternoon and after dropping off my luggage we headed out for a quick explore and some food. We managed to catch the sunset from Söder Mälarstrand and Monteliusvägen, one of the best viewpoints in the city. You get there by heading to Mariatorget Tunnelbana station, then walk for about 5 minutes. Watching the sun set, then the city lights slowly switch on like stars being born in the far away sky was a moment I will never forget.

After watching the sunset we headed  to Hornsgatan a couple of minutes away and the Stora Vikingen: Röde Orm Italian Restaurant. With fancy iPad menus and reasonably priced food this cute little restaurant is well away from the tourist areas and good for students!

Transport Tip: While visiting Stockholm you should consider getting a SL transport card as it gives you unlimited travel on the Pendeltåg (Commuter Trains), Tunnelbana (Metro) and buses. While it’s easy to get around Stockholm by foot and a gorgeous city to walk, if you’re here for a long time , the transport card is a must! You can get them at any Pressbyrån kiosks.

As it happens it was also our 1 year anniversary this past weekend  and as we tend to give gifts that are experience based,  we both ended up surprising the other with almost the same thing. I knew he had always wanted to go see an opera, and he knew that I’ve always wanted to see a proper ballet and we both got tickets to see shows at the Kungliga Operan aka the Stockholm Royal Opera.  On Saturday we saw Madama Butterfly, which Kjære loved and yesterday we saw the Raymonda ballet, which I absolutely fell in love with. The Royal Opera has 50% off tickets for students and for 26 years and under so you can get a really nice deal on tickets if you have the time to go, but do book in advance if you can as they get fully booked quickly!

Before and after the shows on both Saturday and Sunday we walked around the area close to the opera. Stockholm is filled to the brim with beautiful architecture, sometimes reminiscent of Amsterdam, most often wholly unique.

Must See Tip: Gamlastan, or “Old Town” in Stockholm is a definite must-see for anyone visiting the Swedish capital, whether only for a few hours or for longer. During December and Christmas there is also a wonderful Christmas market in Stortorget, the main square in Gamlastan, that’s well worth a visit.

A quick metro ride away from Stockholm Central Station is Gamlastan. The streets of this area are an iconic part of Stockholm that attracts both tourists and locals alike.  It’s autumn and the leaves are falling in the city so we sat down in the main square in Gamlastan to take in the atmosphere and warm up with  a drink each. The glorious chocolate concoction below being mine. Who needs Starbucks when you can sit outside and breathe in the fresh Swedish air in a quaint little coffee shop in colourful Gamlastan?

It’s been a lovely weekend and during this next week I’ll be further exploring the city while Kjære is in uni as well as just enjoying my last few days of freedom before university once again takes up all my time and energy. I can’t wait to see more!

Have a good day, or as they would say here: Ha en bra dag! Xxx