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This week was officially my last week at work, before I leave my beloved colleagues later this week. They are lovely people, and before we left we all took a day and sailed the fjords of Northern Norway. Safe to say the views were incredible, and the company even better.

In a few days I am jetting off to the Netherlands for a few nights, then off to England again. I go to seek a Great Perhaps. No plan, but a whole lot of studying to do. Wish me luck xxx


LDRs & Positivity Real Talk

Life in the arctic can be lonely, but being busy, working, studying and the occasional weekend away keeps me going. I have been thinking a lot about positivity lately, and how to stay happy when your life situation isn’t what you want it to be. This video is both about my weekend in Newcastle upon Tyne, an arctic sunset and positivity.

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What is “Home” to Me?

I never quite know how I feel about my hometown. When I am away, I long for the mountains, for the food, for the friends and family that I left behind. When I am home however, all I do is dream about interailing and flying and going away to the farthest corners of the world.

After living in Newcastle-upon-Tyne for three years I feel too foreign for Norway. I can’t quite settle down and the travelbug is bugging me (Ha.) more than I thought it would. Is this little town in Northern Norway still my home? I don’t know. I know that it is where I came from. But I lived in over 15 different houses/flats/apartments in two different cities growing up so I don’t have much of a tie to the place other than my family. I don’t have a house that I’ve lived in all my life and a room that still has toys from when I was a kid on the shelves. I have boxes and suitcases and a lot of books and clothes that I have unpacked, but most of my stuff? It’s waiting for me to decide where home is as much as I am waiting for figure it out.

I guess looking back it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that I struggle to find peace and a true feeling of home anywhere. I grew up on the go, shuttled between places and schools and parents. I was loved and spoiled for attention, but I grew to love the change of scenery too. The new room, new decorations, new sights and sounds and routes to school.

I thrive on new situations and new places because for a large part of my life that was all I knew. I don’t know how to stay still. I can feel at home and I certainly consider where my family lives for home… but I don’t think it will be my permanent home. I want to live in more countries. I want to see more of the places I have read about. And make no mistake, when I can’t travel in flesh, I travel in mind. Thailand, India, Italy, Australia, Narnia, in my mind I have visited them all.

I read a lot as a kid. As much and as many books from remote countries and imaginary magical realms as I could get my hands on. I scoured the library and spent any and all savings on books. The pattern seems to be that the constant in my life was movement and imagination and travelling the only way I could at the time.

What “home” is to me then, are the people I love and the few things I bring with me wherever life takes me. It is the things I treasure, the values I have and the lessons I learn. It is the comfort and peace of mind I, like many other travellers, seek when we go abroad. Home is the paved road, the gravel path and the rough rivers that bring me to and from moments in life. Home is the little smiles, the warm fuzzy feelings of reunions and the knowledge that a small town as a home is in no way limiting, but inspring. Home is the roots of who I am and the safe and loving web of family who will support me wherever I go. Home is not a place to me, but a concept and a feeling, and to find the peace I seek while spending some months at home this is what I need to focus on. Wanderlust and a travellers “home” are often juxtaposed as people forget that where you came from is why you belong in more places than one.



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2 Weeks in Rio De Janeiro Videoblog

I recently spent two wonderful weeks living with my Brazilian friend Laura and her family in Rio De Janeiro. We spent some time sightseeing, a couple of days relaxing on beaches and I got to see what live in Rio is like, living like a  Carioca.


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Welcome to vikinggoesglobal.com!

Hello, again!

I’m sitting at Newcastle Airport about to board a flight to Copenhagen and then onwards to Stockholm where I will spend time with SwedishCar in a Christmasified city, but because I had a little time before my flight (as you do)  I thought I would explain the sudden change of name and the domain.

The Blog
I’ve been writing blogs on and off since I was about 13, ranging from book blogs, to geek lifestyle blogs to journal blogs to now this. A travel blog. I never imagined I would write a travel blog, but here I am. The Northern Norwegian, small town girl viking is going global.  I went abroad on my own (sort of) for the first time when I was 16 and a small group of students from my school got to go on a cultural exchange week. I stayed with a Hungarian family for a week all by myself and it was the scariest, but also most thrilling thing I had ever done.

When I was 18 I decided to leave my small town in Northern Norway and move to England to go to university and since then  a whole world has opened up. Cheap flights and trains led me to explore England & Scotland, Ireland, Italy, Sweden,  Paris, The Netherlands and Tunisia. In my two and a half years of living abroad I have travelled as much as money (I’m only a poor student after all) and time would allow and in the coming year I am going to travel further than I ever have when I go to Rio De Janeiro. 13 countries visited and counting more every year. It’s not an awful lot, but I am only 21 and it’s me doing what  I know to be one of the things that let me live a full life. Travel is becoming an integral part of who I am and what I value. I would rather have a passport full of stamps than a house full of things, as they say.  This viking girl is slowly, but surely,  going global and this blog is going to come along with me through all of it.

The Domain
I’ve never had a domain before. I’ve always wanted one and sometimes even been about to press the “buy” button to get one, but never committed to it. I’ve never known what my voice was. I’m not even sure I know now, but instead of giving up like I have done previously this time I am determined to keep practicing my writing and my thinking until I find it. I have a voice. I have a voice and it is a fierce one, but I haven’t really figured out how to express it. Practice makes perfect I guess and this time I am determined to find my creative voice and use it. We all have a voice, we just need to figure out how to channel it and hopefully this blog and making youtube videos is going to be the way for I channel mine.

In the coming week or so I will be trying out some new website designs. I will be testing out what works and doesn’t work, trying to decide what format I prefer. I hope you can excuse the chaotic situation on the blog until then and come along on this ride with me. It might be a bumpy one to begin with, but it is going to be so very very fun too.

Much love, Cathrine xxx