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10 Films That Inspire Travel

It’s no secret that I’m big on films and watch more than the average number. As I grew up, so did my enthusiasm for travel grow and these films were part of what inspired me to want to visit new places and explore new cultures. You’ll notice that all of these flicks are from 2000 and onwards and that’s simply because, although I have watched quite a few older films in later years, these are the ones I fell in love with as a tween and teen. Here in no specific order are 10 films that inspire travel:

Ratatouille (2007, Walt Disney Pictures)
With gorgeous animation and French music all throughout this cute film about a rat who wants to be a chef is great fun for kids and parents alike. I put it on this list because 1,  Oh, J’taime Paris! And 2, I love it when children get play and learn to be adventurers through fiction, whether that be films or books or graphic novels.

Eat, Pray, Love (2010, Sony Pictures)
Set in Italy, India and Bali this journey explore all aspects of life. It’s spicy and a brilliant film for foodies looking for inspiration, while simultaneously showcasing some beautiful location and cultures. Admittedly a bit of a chick flick, but still inspirational!

Mamma Mia (2008, Universal Pictures)
Catchy ABBA music and a romantic Greek island –  what´s not to like? As a scandinavian I’m contractually obligated to love and know every ABBA song by heart, but this is just one of the many reasons I love Mamma Mia. I haven’t been to Greece yet, but the blue ocean, white and blue buildings and lovely cliffs would tempt anyone to go island jumping in the Greek isles!

Lord of The Rings Trilogy (2001, 2002, 2003, New Line Cinema)
Peter Jackson discovered and developed his love for long landscape shots and epic establishing shots in the LOTR trilogy. The three films were shot in New Zealand and as most of you know the local tourist economy is now thriving because of it. Previously undiscovered but these films made us want to see the breathtaking nature and magical sets for ourselves. The films are also about taking an epic journey and has a real traveller spirit feeling to them.

Blended (2014, Warner Bros. Pictures)
However unrealistic it may be that you get to go on a luxury holiday to Africa, and however (slightly) racist some of the stereotypes in this film are, it does have some lovely heartwarming moments and shows off some wonderful African nature and wildlife. Especially the scene where Drew Barrymores character hang glides behind a truck lets the audience see some amazing clips of the different, but stunning nature. It helps that this film is also genuinely funny!

Amélie (2001, UCG Fox)
This quirky French film is worth a watch if you don´t mind the subtitles. Set in Paris Amélie (played by Adrey Tautou) finds love by smiling to the world and wandering around this colorful city (it really is colourful – stunning visuals!) . The music is a little bit more like folk-music than in Ratatouille, but still the epitome of French.

Ps: I Love You (2007, Warner Bros. Pictures/Momentum Pictures)
The romantic film that makes every woman cry and every man roll his eyes. And also the film that showcases some beautiful  Irish music, nature and pub culture. I’ve visited Ireland before and though the film showcases a slightly understated version of Irish nature because of it’s everyday life focus, it is still impossibly green.

Up (2009, Walt Disney Pictures)
Ellie is a dreamer who wants to travel the world and her husband Carl flies away in a house strapped to balloons. Do I need to say more? Another film that makes kids want to travel, to go beyond their own comfort zones and encourages them to not stop dreaming even if their dreams seem far away. Heart warming ❤

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2012, Fox Searchlight Pictures)
If you love the great classical actors who always represent the epitome of British culture, fun Bollywood music and sometimes awkward dramady jokes then this cute film is worth a watch! A group of British retirees head to India for their retirements, only to discover that they didn’t know everything about life and love after all. Lovely mix-mash of Indian culture and British humour.

Up in the Air (2009, Paramount Pictures)
This film is probably the one I´ve watched most recently, found on Netflix one lazy Sunday morning. It takes a while to get into it and sometimes it is downright odd, but there are humorous parts that makes up for the slow start. This film is on the list because I adore flying and like Clooney’s character I have a thing for collection frequent flyer miles just to collect them, though I mostly collect SAS points (Northern Norway hometown perks). Let yourself be inspired by the jet setter life 🙂

Let me know if you have any films that have inspired you to travel in the comments below! Xxx


What to do, what to do, where to go…

Good evening, ya’ll! I’ve had the day from hell at work with 10 hours of constant talking so tonight I needed to dream a little and think forward, past this summer, even past the next few months. I’m approaching my third and last year in university and as such I’m also approaching my graduation trip. Since starting university I always knew that I was going to go travelling a little after I graduated and the time is getting close enough that I have started to consider my options. However, I’m struggling to choose between the destinations below… where do I go?

Picture borrowed from CNN. No copyright infringement intended.
  •  Peru and Inka Trail with/ or without the  Machu Picchu 4 day trek. This has been on my list over things I want to do for a good long while now, but it’s quite an expensive journey as well as quite a challenging trek. I need to be in better shape than I am now if I’m going to do the trek and… well … if I’m going to South America I might as well stop by Brazil and Rio de Janeiro to visit a friend there too. This trip  it would be  2 weeks minimum, possibly 3.
  • European City Break (possibly Barcelona, Spain  or Warsaw, Poland). I haven’t visited Warsaw or Barcelona yet, but these are also on my to-see list. If I can’t manage to get a longer trip to happen (finances or timing or whatever reason) I will probably do one or the other for 4-5 days. I´m hoping to go to at least one of them in 2016 and a possible time for that would be after graduation.
  • vietnam-experience-map-600x600
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    Vietnam Exploring Asia is also on my to-do-list and Contiki offers some interesting packages. The trips are suppposedly full of all the best local experiences and sights, but it will possibly be a  little too tourist-y for someone who likes to explore outside tourist areas. However, as a 21 year old female I’m not sure I would feel comfortable travelling to Vietnam on my own and this group trip therefore seems like a viable option.

  • Working holiday in New Zealand or Australia. Now this is a big one. It’s also an adventure that I´m not sure I will be ready for right after I graduate due to wanting to pay back some of my student loans (Norwegians have to pay  international student fees at universities  in England which turns normal happy teenagers into miserable debt slaves of doom). I wanted to put it in this list though, because it’s something that’s been on my mind for years. If there ever was a time for 6-12 months in Oceania it would be just after finishing uni, but before starting my Grown Up Job (gaaaah help).

I’m leaning towards Vietnam at the moment, but I really don’t know what would be the most worthwhile trip to take. I just know that I’m itching to travel, to explore, to discover. I’m once again craving a new culture and new impulses. Due to my long distance relationship and my family being so far away I also know that a lot of my travel budget will be spent on journeys  to and from loved ones, which is why a city break might be the best choice. However, I also know that I should travel while I can and while I have the freedom to do so, before my Grown Up Job swallows me whole. I should follow my wanderlust to the far corners of the world and see the places I dream about. But if so, which of these should I visit first and what dream do I follow?

Do you have any tips or opinions on these? Any advice would be much appreciated! 🙂 xxx