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Planning Our Northern Norway Mini Adventure

Today is the day! My English from-the-city Kjære is flying up here to visit Northern Norway for the first time and get a glimpse of the distinctive rural area I come from and the quirky Northern Norwegian culture. I’m beyond excited to see him again after 5 weeks and I can’t wait to show him where I’m from and let him see just how small my home town is 😛 He’s here for over two weeks and to fill the time I’ve planned a number of smaller day trips ans well as some overnight trips to other towns. Him visiting is allowing me to be a tourist in my own city and in my own region, letting me see the place I come from with new eyes.


I’ve been making lists of possible activities, booked some things, planned a sort of day-to-day itinirary and trying to figure out how to schedule in movienights and cooking together with long hiking trips and teaching him how to gut a fish (sounds brutal, but we need to eat what we catch, yo!). This map shows some of the places we will be going, though how we are getting there and what we are doing will be a secret until I post my daily-ish travelogues. Camping, fishing, hiking, boating, swimming and safari-ing are some key words… lets go adventuring! Xxx

Ps: I’m a 21 year old with a serious girl crush on Demi Lovato. YOU GO GIRL!

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Norway: Summer in Lofoten and Vesterålen

My home region is called Vesterålen, roughly translated to “the western eel”, supposedly meaning that my region is located next to a western fjord shaped like an eel. There is however nothing called Østerålen (the eastern eel) so this name is by all logical accounts flawed. Now,the sister region to Vesterålen is called Lofoten. It’s the more famous, skinnier of the Kardashians. Ehhh, I mean of the archipelagos in the area. On the map the two regions look a little bit like a tail sticking out of Northern Norway, straight into the Atlantic Ocean.

Uten navn

Except for a brief-ish four year period when I lived in Harstad I’ve spent the better part of my life and summers in Vesterålen and Lofoten. I find the two regions equally beautiful with their extreme sports and mountains and fishing and lovely northerners. They also have the weather in common.We mostly get  what people might call “British weather”, meaning cloudy with a chance of rain and wind. It’s currently 8 degrees outside. IN JULY! But last summer though? Last summer we were blessed with a heathwave. 25-30 degrees celcius for the entire summer and we all went mad with it! It was a great summer and I even captured a little bit of it on camera:

(I made this video last year during a weekend at my friend Heidi’s Place. Ignore the weird beginning, it gets better haha x )

In other news, today is Friday and I’m so so ready for the weekend! 😀  I’m heading to my Mamma for the weekend and we are planning to go hiking Dronningruta (the Queen’s Route) between Nyksund and Stø (can you find it on the map?) in Øksnes municipality tomorrow. I’m way way way out of shape so this should be interesting. The weather has been horrendous ever since I arrived back in Norway so I’m praying it won’t start raining halfway through our 8 hour hike :s

Wish me Luck! Xxx

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Summer Reading 2015

Before I ever sat in an airplane I had visited many kingdoms, seen amazing creatures and met all sorts of people from more cultures than I could count. I was a reader. Now because this blog is so new, none of you will be aware of my love for literature. I’m a massive bookworm. Massive. I was the kid who sat in the back of the classroom and hid my middle grade fantasy books behind my math book, who did all her homework ahead of time just so I could read in our study sessions, who would even bring my poor books outside during free periods if I’d gotten to an exciting bit. Books became my way of traveling, they gave me exciting travel companions and they inspired me to go out and experience the world. To adventure beyond my own sphere, beyond the borders of my own country. And it wouldn’t be entirely untrue if I said that growing up with Harry Potter is what landed me in England for 3+ years.

The sad truth of university life, however, is that though I get to read and read a lot, the things I read are mostly academic bladibla. Which isn’t to say it’s not interesting… there is just a distinct lack of dragons, epic battles, young love  and romantic kisses under the Eiffel Tower. And I need that in my life. Working the entire summer also means that there is a distinct lack of travel and the solution I seem to have come to is that I binge read during the summer. Every summer without fail. Here are some of the books I have read so far and hope to read during the coming months:

The Name of The Wind (The Kingkiller Chronicle Day 1) by Patrick Rothfuss
The Wise Man’s Fear (The Kingkiller Chronicle Day 2)by Patrick Rothfuss
Remember Me by Sophie Kinsella
Sophies World by Jostein Gaarder
Blood Song (Raven’s Shadow 1) by Anthony Ryan
Tower Lord (Raven’s Shadow 2) by Anthony Ryan 
Queen of Fire (Raven’s Shadow 3) by Anthony Ryan
Catch 22 by Jospeh Heller
The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
Is Everyone Hanging OUt Without Me? by Mindy Kaling
The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella

More to come…

I’m hoping I will get through these and will probably update the list as I find more things I want to read throughout the summer. The more interesting question now is: What are you reading this summer?