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VIDEO: Scandinavian Food Haul

I´ve been ill with a chest infection for several weeks, popping antibiotics left and right, rubbing vaporub on myself as if it would make me turn my pumpkin illness infected self into a beautiful, healthy golden pumping carriage. It´s really early in the morning, I don´t know where I’m going with this. What I came here to say was – I ordered Norwegian Food! I made a video!

Scandikitchen.co.uk isn’t cheap but it’s a godsend for ill/homesick/food particular scandi expats in the UK. As you can see by the video I mostly ordered Norwegian things that I´ve particularly missed, as well as several cans of microwavable stews to help feed me when cooking was not an option. I could probably have managed two more months without Gløgg and Joikakaker, but when I’m ill I need comfort food. Online shopping therapy also works 😉

Happy Monday everyone! Xxx


Inspiration Board: Stockholm

The time is coming closer for my second visit to Stockholm and I’m excited beyond belief 🙂 Because of this I decided to make a little image inspiration board right here on the blog, in the hopes that it might inspire some of you to want to visit this gorgeous city too! (All photos from the open image archive pixabay.com. No copyright infringement intended. )