2017, Europe, The Netherlands

VIDEO: Amsterdam, The Netherlands Mini-Vlog

A little mini-vlog showing some glimpses of a sunny afternoon in Amsterdam, before i jetted off to Newcastle Upon Tyne in the morning.


2017, Europe, The Netherlands


As it happens my flight tickets turned out cheaper with a brief stop in the Netherlands so here I am now. I have left the nest (again) and set off to face my fears, face the unknown, and be with my beloved Englishman. First however, I was lucky enough to get to stay with my former flatmate Christa in her current place of study: The gorgeous town of Groningen in the North-East of the Netherlands. Here is a little blog from one of our days!

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The Netherlands: The Dutch Open Air Museum in Arnhem

Happy Saturday to you all!

I was flicking through some of my old videos from Ireland, Italy and the Netherlands trying to figure out how re-edit them into more travelvlogging-friendly formats, when I came across this video from last September. My flatmate in England is a lovely Dutch girl named Christa (blog, youtube and twitter) and last September I flew out to stay with her for a week before uni started again after summer. We explored her home town of Alphen aan den Rijen and Amsterdam,I got to stay with her family and get a proper taste of Dutch culture, cycled a lot and visited a couple of  really interesting museums, most notably Madurodam and the Dutch Open Air Museum.  I won´t be posting any text posts about this trip until later this summer/early fall due to having a pretty packed travel schedule, but I thought it would be fun for you to get a little Saturday entertainment in this glimpse into The Dutch Open Air Museum. It was a lovely sunny day and I highly recommend you take a trip to the Openlucthmuseum if you can, because it really gives you a brilliant insight into the history of the Netherlands in a fun way.    Enjoy! Xxx