Travel Preparations: Vaccinations

Yesterday I went to my local GP and got vaccinated in preparation for my upcoming trip to Brazil in March. If you are going abroad it is always worth checking if you might need to get any travel vaccinations. This especially if you are going to certain countries in Africa, Central & South East Asia and Central & South America where getting immunised is recommended.

Some common vaccines against serious diseases are Hepatitis A/B, Yellow Fever and Typhoid, most of which will be given for free at the NHS (UK). The same goes for top up vaccines like Polio/Tetanus/Diphtheria as well. For information about vaccinations based on countries read more at

I have seen that some American bloggers say they don’t get the vaccines due to cost, but as most of the vaccines protect you for many years, I would argue that it’s better to invest in vaccines than get unlucky and contract a serious disease abroad and then have to pay insane hospital bills and transport bills. Getting vaccinated is definitely a valuable investment.

More travel vaccination information: