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Wondering what I am up to? Check this out 🙂

Ps: I now have my visa and passport – Russia next!

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In which we brave 31 degrees celcius in the shade to wander the streets of Old Town Dubrovnik. There are so many incredible things to see in this city, including a LOT of Game of Thrones locations.


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This week was officially my last week at work, before I leave my beloved colleagues later this week. They are lovely people, and before we left we all took a day and sailed the fjords of Northern Norway. Safe to say the views were incredible, and the company even better.

In a few days I am jetting off to the Netherlands for a few nights, then off to England again. I go to seek a Great Perhaps. No plan, but a whole lot of studying to do. Wish me luck xxx

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VIDEO: Northern Norway Adventure Roundup

Hi again! It’s a lovely and sunny day here in the north (finally) so I won’t spend much time inside today blogging and so on. BUT. BUT! The Northern Norway Mini Adventure is over, but while we were exploring  I filmed some clips here and there and this is the result! Originally I thought I would make vlogs from the trip, but then I decided a mood video-ish thing was more appropriate.Struggled with finding a song to use though hmm
 anyway, here you go!

Below are links to the blog posts in chronological order if you’re interested 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this video and let me know what you think in the comment section! Xxx

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The Life Tag

In which me and my flatmate Christa (links here to her blog and youtube channel) do the life tag! This blog is a travel blog first and foremost, but I will be posting some of the videos I make on here so that you can get to know me a little better.

We also did the Roommate Tag on her channel if you want to get even more up close and personal with us 😉

Hope you all have had a lovely weekend! 🙂

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Norway: Summer in Lofoten and VesterĂ„len

My home region is called VesterĂ„len, roughly translated to “the western eel”, supposedly meaning that my region is located next to a western fjord shaped like an eel. There is however nothing called ØsterĂ„len (the eastern eel) so this name is by all logical accounts flawed. Now,the sister region to VesterĂ„len is called Lofoten. It’s the more famous, skinnier of the Kardashians. Ehhh, I mean of the archipelagos in the area. On the map the two regions look a little bit like a tail sticking out of Northern Norway, straight into the Atlantic Ocean.

Uten navn

Except for a brief-ish four year period when I lived in Harstad I’ve spent the better part of my life and summers in VesterĂ„len and Lofoten. I find the two regions equally beautiful with their extreme sports and mountains and fishing and lovely northerners. They also have the weather in common.We mostly get  what people might call “British weather”, meaning cloudy with a chance of rain and wind. It’s currently 8 degrees outside. IN JULY! But last summer though? Last summer we were blessed with a heathwave. 25-30 degrees celcius for the entire summer and we all went mad with it! It was a great summer and I even captured a little bit of it on camera:

(I made this video last year during a weekend at my friend Heidi’s Place. Ignore the weird beginning, it gets better haha x )

In other news, today is Friday and I’m so so ready for the weekend! 😀  I’m heading to my Mamma for the weekend and we are planning to go hiking Dronningruta (the Queen’s Route) between Nyksund and StĂž (can you find it on the map?) in Øksnes municipality tomorrow. I’m way way way out of shape so this should be interesting. The weather has been horrendous ever since I arrived back in Norway so I’m praying it won’t start raining halfway through our 8 hour hike :s

Wish me Luck! Xxx